The Three Transformations

Our human experiences create layers of energy patterns that cover our true natures like a skin, obscuring them beyond recognition. These layers bind us down to a repetitive pattern of reactions to the world around us. We feel alone, fighting in the dark, craving a connection to something we can’t remember. Is it love, acceptance, respect, or is it power?  Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum), we have always had the power to go home, to return to a state of belonging and acceptance, where our innermost needs are met. This search by the soul for fulfillment is a journey of transformations, both inwardly and outwardly.


The transformation of desire upon the heart.

A path is chosen.

The soul sheds the old skin of oblivion.

            The first transformation is subtle, but is the most powerful one. It is the motivation for the journey. The established perceptions and assumptions are no longer satisfying. The idea that there is something more out there urges us to set aside our entrenched routine and look around us. Suddenly, we have questions that need to be answered and answers that need to be questioned. We are ready to step out of the oblivion. Our most burning question is the signpost that points the way to the path of our fulfillment. This will test our resolve. How strong is our desire?


The transformation of will upon the body.

Daring to plant the seed of knowledge,

Then finding the strength to nurture its growth to the harvest of wisdom.

The soul sheds the skin of old behavior. 

            The path can be intimidating. We don’t know what we’ll find along the way. We use the strength of our will to move forward, trusting that we have made the right decision. Each step opens our view to things we have never seen or heard before. We gather these seeds of new knowledge and store them in our open mind as we navigate our path. But collecting them is not growth. Those seeds must be planted in the fertileness of experience. They must be proven to be viable. We will ourselves to test the new concepts against our lives and our understanding expands. We make sacrifices of time and energy and dare to change our response to life. Is the harvest of wisdom worth the effort?


The transformation of truth upon the mind.

Facing the true reality by looking behind the veil of illusion,

The soul passes through the door that can never be closed again.

The soul sheds the skin of misperception. 

            This wisdom is the face of our personal truth. Our path has taken us beyond the fog of false perceptions and we cross the threshold into a different reality. Our mind is cleared and our view of the world is changed forever. We can now understand both the light and the dark and we accept it. Fear is replaced with confidence and we are able to love unconditionally. We have found our selves at last.

The bright spark of the divine Source within each of us guides us through the transformations to the realization of our true nature, thus we experience the grace of self. We become aware of our unbreakable connection to the Source. We simultaneously embrace and expand beyond our human boundaries, reestablishing our links with all living things, each in its perfect form. It is then we recognize we are home.

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