In Sacredness

What exactly does it mean when something is said to be sacred?

Sacredness is that which dwells within. It is not something to be created. Sacredness is. It is experienced in the awareness of divine nature. If you cannot see or feel the sacredness of a person, place, or thing, it is because you are distracted by fear and a sense of being lost. Sacredness is always there. It is the center.

Declaring something, some place or someone as sacred means you have become aware of divine light shining within it. You are experiencing the aliveness of the source energy emanating from that life-form. When you cast a circle, light candles, sprinkle holy water, burn incense, you are not making that thing sacred, you are honoring the sacredness of the life force already within it. You have rediscovered the holiness for yourself.

All places are alive with this divine energy, even places and objects that are associated with horrible atrocities. It is not the place or the object that is the source of so much suffering, it is the human fear, hatred or anger attached to it. Remember, the soul of a life-form is untouchable, indestructible, eternal, because it is Source Energy. It can become overlaid with patterns of intense harmful emotion that humans mingle in because they have fear in themselves.

It is these fear patterns that can be disintegrated to reveal the inherent sacredness that is there. I believe this is the task for humans to complete. We are the only ones who can do this because we are the ones who build on the fear patterns that shroud the divine nature of all things in the first place.

How do we do this? We focus on what we know to be true, that all that exists in and of the Earth carries a unique energy pattern from Source, our ultimate connecting point. This is the sacredness of it. Our focus on that fact will feed that pattern and our own. This makes the connection stronger and more visible to us.

Tradition vs Inspiration

The process of ritual in its many forms helps us to focus our awareness and intent of divine connection more efficiently. Here is where tradition can be helpful…or not. A traditional ritual that we connect to in a complete and soulful way can give us the confidence to aim our focus without getting distracted by interference patterns. However, if we believe that we must follow a traditional ritual because we were told to or because that’s what has always been done, and we aren’t completely engaged with its energy or intent, it will only distract us more from recognizing the sacred.

You can build a sacredness ritual for yourself. Create your own evolving tradition of holy awareness. I say evolving because as your awareness grows, so will your understanding of how energy flows in our world. As your focus sharpens, your needs will change. Acknowledge the sacredness of yourself by giving it the space to expand.

Building a Ritual

Start by defining all the words you will use for your ritual. Make them totally your definitions. If you can’t find known words to express your intent, make them up. These words are now spiritual tools.

Play around with the phrasing of your words. Include an identifying label for what you want to connect to until you feel a tug on your center that opens you up when you say the phrase out loud. For example, “Mighty (person, place, thing) before me! I feel your sacred power!” Your divine connection is revealed in this moment.

Now let the connection fill and inspire you to express yourself in the sacredness. This could be sitting or lying quietly in deep communion, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, writing poetry, painting, or a myriad of other activities. The sacred soul of the object of your focus will communicate its wisdom to your sacred soul through this process.

Express your desire to release unwanted, distracting interference patterns. Again, choose your words carefully so as not to re-engage with the energies you want to dispel. Gestures can be as efficient as words.

The interfering energy that was covering up the blessed core of your focus loses strength as your awareness deepens. What doesn’t get ‘fed’ will begin to disintegrate. You can recycle the energetic pieces from the disintegration of the fear, anger, or hatred patterns by directing them deep into one of the Earthly Elements, your allies, where they will be transformed back into potential energy. Your job is not to do the transforming, but to direct the energy to its new destination. For example, “Fragments of fear, into Holy Fire I send you, that you may be transformed!” Or, “Deep into the Blessed Earth I send this unwanted energy, that it may become the fertilizer for new growth!”

We humans have been searching to return to our sacred home since the beginning of the Human Era. When we do this energy work, we are revealing pieces of the map to lead us there. Soon we will discover that the map has brought us here, to where we have always been,

In Sacredness.

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