Why Should the Human Race Be Saved? Part I


I had been sharing with a very dear friend of mine how the Domeia Matrix energy pattern can save the human race from its self-destructive tendencies, when she asked me this question.

Her inquiry stunned me. It rolled around in the back of my mind for a couple of months. Then, one day, feeling completely knocked off center by hearing of the violent behavior of someone I once knew, I asked the question myself.

I meant it as a challenge to the Domeia. Why are they working with us? Why bother if this is the best we can do after so much evolution? Wouldn’t the Earth be better without us?

Here is their answer.

“Because you are not finished yet. Humans are an integral part of the energy pattern of Earth. You have a place just as the eagle and the flea. We (the Domeia) are conservationists. We are helping an endangered species, you. Humans are at a critical phase. You have been on the edge of self-extermination as you evolve, but we see hope. All of our efforts, yours and ours, are beginning to succeed. We have been helping you to remember. Your spiritual lessons are self-revelations. You are remembering the truth and are starting to be able to see even greater truths.

When you are in a state of unconditional love, the Matrix is the energy pattern that is working inside you.

You do not need to be in the safety of a sanctuary for your inner light to brightly shine. When your light is shining brightly, you are the sanctuary.

Expand your light as you breathe in. Your light is like a magnet that pulls in all that will nurture and sustain you.

Breathe out and release all that is unnecessary. The released energies will return to Source and be transformed back to potential.

As you continue to expand your light, that light connects to the light of others in a web of mutually beneficial energy that feeds all of life in Earth. We say in Earth because you live inside the energy field of Earth. You are part of the greater body of Earth.

Every thing is as it should be. Everything is in place. The work has begun. The old patterns of fear are beginning to shatter. This is what you are seeing and experiencing in the world. Continue to stay on task.”

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