Why Save the Human race? Part II


“Human core energy patterns are a part of the Great Universal Matrix-the network of energetic threads of intention that holds our universe together. It is time for you to activate, to awaken your core patterns for the next stage of universal evolution. All of existence has been leading up to this. It is a slow process by human awareness, your understanding of things. It is all moving forward and it is time now.

Humans are in a hard shell of non-awareness. The shell is cracking because it is time to go from embryo to the next phase. The shattering pieces of the shell are sharp and painful. The light is blinding. There is a desire to return to the confines of the shell, to return to the oblivion. But that is impossible because the shell is shattering. The chick cannot return to the egg, the infant cannot return to the womb. We are here now, in this time, to help you to wake up, encouraging you as you finish this part of the transition.

The shattering of the shell; your boundaries of awareness and understanding is traumatic and confusing in the chaos of it. Like a young child waking from a deep sleep, crying and disoriented, you need reassurance that this new reality you are awakening to is safer than the deep dream you were in.

The crying out and thrashing about of present human actions are all a fear reaction to the shell cracking open. This takes a very long time by your standards. This birthing/hatching/evolving is an inherently dangerous process. Some life forms do not make it. As each of you accepts the light of the new reality, it is your responsibility to encourage each other during this time of great fear.

You can view the Earth as being an energy sphere on the greater framework of the universe. Energy from the Source at the center is being sent down the thread of intention to Her. As Earth is activated, She radiates energy outward through intentional awareness of the greater network. Each of you, as you wake up, as you hatch from your shell, is part of the greater activation/awakening of the Earth. This is happening now.

You had an awareness of your connection to the Divine Source as an embryo. This awareness had its own wisdom. Your shell got thicker as you developed your focus attuned to the limitations of your understanding; the boundaries of your shell. Then as the shell started to crack because you were outgrowing it, you were consumed with fear. You cry out, ‘I can’t feel my connection to Source! The old wisdom doesn’t seem to fit anymore! Who am I? Where are we? What happens next?’

The wisdom you are gaining as you emerge into the light of your new reality needs to be blended with the old wisdom of your past phase. This will give you the bigger picture and strengthen your awareness of connection to the Divine Source.”

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