Three Thoughts on Manifestation

Three quotes from the Domeia Teachings regarding manifestation came to my attention this morning. I offer them to you as food for thought.

All life-forms are manifestations of divine energy and each has its own pattern.

Everything that we can perceive in our physical world is a blend of energies held together by a network of intention. The universe is dense with potential energy. Focusing with intent, coalesces bits of this energy into patterns that fulfill the intention. Therefore, everything that exists has a unique pattern only unto itself. The differences based on intent might not be measurable by known means, but everything has a unique, distinct purpose or it would not exist.

Manifestation happens when threads of intention bind together particles of energy to build a framework of the idea.

Manifestation, in this sense, is the idea becoming perceivable and functional within our physical reality. We are able to experience it with our senses. It exerts influence on our interactions with our environment. So this would include inventions/objects, businesses, philosophies, self expressions, relationships, etc. Whatever we have manifested is now an entity. we each have, in essence, given birth to something.

The concept of birthing children involves more than this simplistic explanation. Many threads of intent make up the energy pattern of a child (or any life form). Divine Intention, which is beyond our understanding is the core, and original sovereignty of each. Then there are the mother’s and father’s intentions, extended family’s intentions, societal (local and global), environmental, and possibly more unknown to us that make up the energy patterns that overlay the core. It is on these outer patterns that our intentions can have an influence. We manifest our relationships with each other.

These ‘threads of intention’ are lines of awareness, reaching out of desire to connect. When you gaze out into your environment and your vision lands on an object/person/location, you make an instant decision if whatever it is will help you in some way manifest what you need. If it doesn’t suit your need, your gaze moves on. If it holds your gaze, your energy connects with the energy of it and communication begins. The connections are like cords that bind you to the object of your focus. The more you think about how it will fill your needs, the number of cords will increase, crisscrossing each other, back and forth, constructing a pattern of interaction. At its most basic level, it is an unconscious action. This framework you begin to build is underneath/behind/between any physical structure of atoms and molecules. It is the framework that tells those components how to fit together to actualize what you envisioned. It is what constitutes ‘thought energy.’ It is what brings your idea to life. what gives it purpose. When this process is thorough, you instinctively identify with the new energy pattern. You are invested in it and committed to it because you are in complete agreement with its connection to you. In essence, this is unconditional love. This process is also true of non-physical manifestations such as partnerships, romantic or otherwise. The illusion of what you desire is what you attempt to manifest. However, a relationship between two life forms involve at least two sets of intentions, and several different illusions.

Anything that manifests is connected to its source by threads of intention. This connection is unbreakable.

It is the intention that holds the manifestation together. As long as your manifestation exists, you are connected to it. If you no longer believe in, or ‘feed’ your manifestation, the pattern, the framework it is built on, will start to disintegrate or evolve to fit whatever energy is available, be it from the hidden or denied parts of you, or someone else’s threads of intention. Your manifestation will not survive as intended without your conscious energy input. Nor will it ever end if you are still feeding it. You are responsible for it, one way or another.

Our own manifestation in the physical world is centered in the pure intention of Source. Our souls are always connected, always being fed. Our spirits are indestructible because Divine Source is indestructible and the intention is unwavering. Our transient bodies are short manifestations that serve many intentions, but our core is unchanging. It is pure, unconditional love and we hold the power to use it. We can choose to become aware of our intentions. We can choose to manifest that which truly serves what is in our souls…our greater good.


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