The Domeia Matrix as Symbol

The visual representation of the activated Domeia Matrix not only gives us a blueprint of the energy pattern that facilitates access to Source energy, it also gives us a symbol that holds a deeper wisdom. It tells a story.

The center point represents our intent; our desire to connect to something bigger than us, our reaching out. But it also represents the Source of All Things, the potential for manifestation of all existence, the goal of our desire. It represents the availability of this force, for we can place this center anywhere. We are enmeshed in an infinity of potential centers, more numerous than the stars in the universe.

The straight lines radiating outward from the center point represent the intent for manifestation from the Source. It represents the delegation, the focus of original energy to manifest in the physical world. The points at the ends of the lines of energetic intent represent the physical manifestations of that original energy, for the sake of this discussion, human beings. The connections these lines represent are permanent, unbreakable, unalterable bonds from Creator to Created. This is a universal fact, much as one’s bloodline connection to one’s biological parents. It can be denied, but never broken.

The lines connecting these outer points symbolize our connections to each other. We are all part of the larger manifestation of divine energy. We are all part of a bigger pattern of life. These connections and lines of intent can strengthen or fade, depending on our awareness and desire. When our intent is cooperative and focused, we can open the portal to the heart of the Source and reset the original pattern, restoring the harmony of life.

As the energy surges outward from the center, down the lines of intent, humans are recharged and become open portals of divine force themselves, expanding the restoration throughout the physical world. The curved lines between the outer points show that the connections between humans now arc with the flow, spinning of their own accord, activating each other in ever widening circles of energy, like ripples in a pond enabling us to make more and stronger connections with each other.

The process is simple but profound. It requires two things of us; a desire to reawaken an awareness of our original bond with Source and an acceptance that all that exists has this bond, too. In our troubled world, we fight against our fear that we have irretrievably lost our connection to the Divine. But it is a hollow fear. We have only forgotten what it looks like. The Domeia Matrix reminds us.

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