Domeia Matrix Meditation

As a way to share some of the wisdom the Domeia have given me, I have put together a short meditation incorporating the essence of their many statements from years of contact.

To use this meditation, you don’t have to do anything special other than be in a comfortable position in a quiet environment. Take time with each line. Let the words soak into your heart, into the very center of your being. Read the lines slowly, savoring every word. As you use this meditation, your mind will start to remember the words and eventually you will not have to read them.

Whenever you feel off center, afraid, angry, sad, vulnerable, these words will come back to you, remembering, recharging and resetting your true self.

The Domeia Matrix Meditation

I am a unique pattern of energy. It is my true self.

My center is a spark of divine unconditional love from Source.

The thread of intention that connects my center to source is eternal and unbreakable.

I am the vehicle for this Divine Intention as I move forward through my life.

As I interact with others,

Our true selves respond to the shared unbroken bond with Source.

When we weave our connected paths in acceptance, tolerance and peace,

We open a portal to the infinite source of divine energy.

This energy accepts and nourishes our truths unconditionally.

The interference patterns disintegrate as the true patterns grow in strength.

I am whole.

To be the most effective, this meditation can be said or listened to while gazing at the center of the Domeia Matrix and imagining the whole pattern slowly spinning clockwise.

There are other articles on this site that explain more about the pattern itself and who the Domeia are.

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