From the Heart of Darkness Comes the Light


From the heart of darkness comes the Light,

Glowing forms descending from the stars

Illuminating shadows of the night,

Awakening my soul in these still hours.


Their power emanates like shining wings

Or stretches out like branches of a tree.

From their celestial light a calm voice sings,

It soothes my soul and brings back harmony.


Are these the Angels from our ancient lore?

Or friendly spirits from the Summerlands?

What perfect love pours from their glowing core!

What healing light flows from their glowing hands!


From our myths and legends we have known them,

  Beings of the Light by different names.

They bring to us the Map of the Star Maiden,

The pattern that will take us home again.


These Beings of the Light are the Domeia.

The pattern is an energetic key.

A matrix of life force to reconnect us

Through a door to Source, our sanctuary.

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