The Love Matrix

The Beings of Light, the Domeia, who have guided me since childhood, started working intensely with me in early 2003. They explained to me how energy patterns influence each other and how humans only work with the patterns they already recognize. They indicated the infinite possibilities of manifestation hidden within the patterns we are familiar with. The exploration of the truth of life need not require us to search outward, but to go deeper within. In 2007 they revealed a matrix for healing and I have been working it, learning from it, and writing about it ever since. It has transformed every aspect of my life, so, I wanted more. I wanted the next step. I wanted to learn another pattern. I asked them to reveal the matrix for unconditional love.

The Domeia showed me a point of light. From this point of light, eight rays of energy shot out and connected to eight other points of light. These eight points then emitted eight rays, and the process continued to grow. Soon, arcs of energy spun out, around, and through the pattern. “Looks like fireworks,” I commented. “Wait! This is the activated Healing Matrix!”

The following is their teaching in my own words.

Unconditional love is the truth of the Healing Matrix. Unconditional love is complete acceptance, agreement with the truth of other forms of life. Remember the intent for the working of the healing pattern; no judgment, no expectation of result; just acceptance in the universal law of it. Remember that the Matrix restores the energy of the disintegrating pattern, encouraging the original connections to rebuild and revitalize.

It is the absence of acceptance that loosens the connections and allows disintegration. When there is no more acceptance of a truth, that truth will cease to manifest. It will begin to disintegrate and where a different reality is accepted, a new truth will manifest, influencing and altering the original patterns. This is evolution.

Human evolution has been altered by other energy patterns that carry a different reality. They have obscured and hidden the true original energy matrix of the human race. These interfering patterns have instilled a sense of separation, which is the root of unnecessary and misplaced fear, anger and sadness. But it is not too late to heal from this.

So, it’s as if we are asleep and having a fearful dream. While dreaming we are not aware that what we are experiencing in the dream is a false reality. We believe it is the truth, because everything around us seems to agree. But this is not our truth. This is not our original pattern. If we continue to dream the delusion, we will live in it as if it is our reality. We can dream forever and that will be what our reality will evolve to. If we are roused from our dream, even just a little bit, our awareness starts to change. This shift in awareness gives us an opportunity to glimpse the truth of our existence, our original pattern. There will be a moment of recognition; saying to ourselves, “That was just a dream.” At that moment, our true pattern is revitalized by the Matrix and will grow stronger. We can awaken to a different reality: the true potential of the human race.

Our true patterns will strengthen and expand as acceptance feeds them. We will feel whole, healed. From that place of wholeness and strength comes the desire and willingness to accept others for their true being because there is no more fear, no more sense of separation. We will feel safe and confident in who we are, and we will be able to live in a state of unconditional love, free from fear and all its manifestations.

So how do we recognize the true pattern of any living thing? How will we know when the Healing Matrix has worked?

It is not our job to determine what the true-ness of a living being is. Just know that it is there. Our job is to carry the Matrix with intention for the return of integrity of life. Neither is it our job to judge the manifestation of any result or evolution of that life.

When harmony is restored one will experience healing. Harmony is not static balance. It is the flow of acceptance between living organisms. It is the tide of cooperation, of give and take. It is life promoting life. It is acknowledgement between life forms that each is part of the greater pattern and therefore connected.

All beings are manifestations of energy and each has its own pattern. We have evolved in a way to interact with the matrix of the environment we live in. For example, within the physical realm of existence, we have patterns that hold a density. These densities are in a constant state of transformation that is experienced as the cycle of birth-life-death. The density patterns are constantly being recycled, but the essence of our being, our unique core pattern, is eternal.

Healing can manifest in many ways on many levels. What is healing for one is not healing for another. Each of us has an agenda based in a feeling of separation. We know what we think we want and how we think we should get it. We want control only because we feel we have lost something. This is what interferes with loving unconditionally. All we have really lost is our awareness of our truth and of our connection to all things.

It is the human race that needs the healing. It is our altered energy patterns that have interfered and damaged our environment. When we are healed, our environment will heal.

We must work the Matrix as an open channel, trusting and accepting the energy of the Source with no judgment, no expectations and in that moment we are in agreement with the universe.

The Healing Matrix taps us on the shoulder and stirs us from our dream of separation and loss. It reawakens our awareness. It revitalizes our unique, core energy patterns, our truth, to a sense of wholeness and integrity and we recognize our connectedness. We awaken to a state of love.

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