Phantoms Among the Trees


            The faintly glowing, gauzy shapes that appeared in the woods outside my front door startled me. They were as tall as the trees and about the same shape. It was the middle of the night and I had gone out to send some ‘healing energy’ to the trees. I couldn’t sleep and had been concerned about the increasing number of dead and dying trees in this little wetland woods I loved so much. I didn’t know what to make of these phantoms that were now slowly moving through the trees in my direction.

As a psychic medium, I was used to seeing strange apparitions, so I was not frightened. But these seemed different than what I’d experienced before and there were many of them, so I put my guard up.

“ I don’t know who or what you are,” I spoke firmly to the phantoms. “I am not intending any harm to you, but I’m here for a purpose. I will be sending out healing energy to the trees in this woods. You can stay where you are if you like, but you may not interfere with me or what I am doing.”

I proceeded with opening my heart and I watched as the glow radiated out toward the trees. The divine love channeling through me would protect me. The rays of loving light permeated the trees and as it touched the misty beings, it set off a pulsing glow in their centers that looked like a blurry, beating heart, the color of glowing embers. The beings then grew taller and started to shift their form. When I stopped, they returned to the misty tree shape. I broadcasted the energy again and they shifted and glowed once more. We did this a couple more times. Now I could see their forms taking on vaguely human silhouettes and blurry facial features flitted like shadows across where their heads would be. Were they looking like humans for my benefit?

Though this was fascinating, I was still concerned they might be interfering with what I was doing. I was strong and steadfast in my intention. I decided to continue in spite of them as I chanted ‘in perfect love and perfect trust’, knowing they would disappear if not in agreement. They were still there and glowing brightly. They were watching me intently.

“Who are you?” I asked. They shrunk down to about eight feet tall and one separated from the others and moved a little closer to me. I didn’t get an answer. They seemed confused, as if I should already know. I said, “I need a way to identify you.” My mind was then flooded with strange images, colors and light that I couldn’t begin to describe. The images repeated in the same order and seemed like diagrams or views of them in different aspects. “What do I call you?” I asked again in frustration.

This time, they all seemed to mumble in odd, echoing tones that sounded strangely familiar. A deep, rumbling voice emanated from them “Dom …Domei.” I repeated it back to them.

Suddenly it was as if a door had opened and my mind was again flooded with images. It took me a moment to realize I was being shown the evolution of life on this planet. The images were flashing quite rapidly but then slowed down a little when I saw the skull of an ape and then a human skull from various angles. This process repeated a few times. I was starting to feel pressure on the top of my head and I told them to slow down. It was too much.

The process paused for a moment, then, started up again. This time I was seeing flashes of scenes from human history. I recognized a Greek temple, the Egyptian pyramids, a Mayan temple, and an image of Napoleon and his army, then many exploding bombs. The scenes were detailed, bloody, and heart wrenching, quite chaotic and noisy, and led up to the present time. It was unsettling. I called out that my head hurt. It was too fast and intense! The images stopped.

“Humans can be violent,” stated the one that had moved toward me. There was a masculine ‘feel’ to this one, though I think they probably don’t have a gender distinction.

“Yes, I would say humans are violent for the most part, but not all of us. Is that why you are here?” He gave me no comment. “Why are you here? Why did you come to me? I have this uneasy feeling you already know me! Have you been watching me?”

“We are here to observe, to teach, to assist and we have known you for many ages.” My mind was suddenly filled with images of my childhood; the magical oak tree I went to for solace and played under, the giant glowing figure that visited me under my bedroom window during a difficult time, the ‘ghost trees’ that waved and smiled at me through the car window on long, nighttime family trips, and the deep, echoing voice from the woods that said, “Stay” when I was planning my suicide many years ago.

“We have always been with you,” he replied. “You have nothing to fear from us. Humans are the dangerous ones.” I recalled the scenes of violence he had showed me and I agreed. I started to cry. I felt such compassion from these beings of light!

“All those times in my life…that was you?” I asked incredulously. But you looked different!” The feeling of unconditional love connected all my experiences with them and I had the answer to my question.

“We can appear however you need us to so you will not be frightened,” he said softly in his deep echo-y voice.

“Is this what you really look like?”

“We are energy. You are seeing some of our energy. The beating heart we manifested just for you. We were helping you broadcast the healing light to the trees.”

“Oh! You are here to help me with this?”

“It is time for us to work together, now. We are pleased with what you have been doing.” He said this as I started seeing images of algorithms, equations, colors, and geometric shapes. It seemed he was downloading very important information into my brain at top speed. I tried to comprehend it all, but I couldn’t even begin to keep up! I thought my head might explode! I yelled that he was making my head hurt again, and he responded by resting a ‘hand’ on the top of my head. It felt warm and comforting and the images stopped.

That was more than ten years ago. The Domeia are my teachers. That night I had been given the knowledge of how everything connects and how one part influences another. I was being shown energy matrices. It took several years to fully understand the knowledge they had given me. They broke the lessons down into easier to comprehend pieces and have led me consistently toward a deep understanding of energy patterns and other dimensions. They have provided a view of what is behind and inside our manifested world. Looking back, I remember many other encounters with them in my early years that influenced my understanding of the world around me. They have always taught me and are still my constant companions. I look forward to what mysteries they will reveal next.


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