Three Thoughts on Manifestation

Three quotes from the Domeia Teachings regarding manifestation came to my attention this morning. I offer them to you as food for thought.

All life-forms are manifestations of divine energy and each has its own pattern.

Everything that we can perceive in our physical world is a blend of energies held together by a network of intention. The universe is dense with potential energy. Focusing with intent, coalesces bits of this energy into patterns that fulfill the intention. Therefore, everything that exists has a unique pattern only unto itself. The differences based on intent might not be measurable by known means, but everything has a unique, distinct purpose or it would not exist.

Manifestation happens when threads of intention bind together particles of energy to build a framework of the idea.

Manifestation, in this sense, is the idea becoming perceivable and functional within our physical reality. We are able to experience it with our senses. It exerts influence on our interactions with our environment. So this would include inventions/objects, businesses, philosophies, self expressions, relationships, etc. Whatever we have manifested is now an entity. we each have, in essence, given birth to something.

The concept of birthing children involves more than this simplistic explanation. Many threads of intent make up the energy pattern of a child (or any life form). Divine Intention, which is beyond our understanding is the core, and original sovereignty of each. Then there are the mother’s and father’s intentions, extended family’s intentions, societal (local and global), environmental, and possibly more unknown to us that make up the energy patterns that overlay the core. It is on these outer patterns that our intentions can have an influence. We manifest our relationships with each other.

These ‘threads of intention’ are lines of awareness, reaching out of desire to connect. When you gaze out into your environment and your vision lands on an object/person/location, you make an instant decision if whatever it is will help you in some way manifest what you need. If it doesn’t suit your need, your gaze moves on. If it holds your gaze, your energy connects with the energy of it and communication begins. The connections are like cords that bind you to the object of your focus. The more you think about how it will fill your needs, the number of cords will increase, crisscrossing each other, back and forth, constructing a pattern of interaction. At its most basic level, it is an unconscious action. This framework you begin to build is underneath/behind/between any physical structure of atoms and molecules. It is the framework that tells those components how to fit together to actualize what you envisioned. It is what constitutes ‘thought energy.’ It is what brings your idea to life. what gives it purpose. When this process is thorough, you instinctively identify with the new energy pattern. You are invested in it and committed to it because you are in complete agreement with its connection to you. In essence, this is unconditional love. This process is also true of non-physical manifestations such as partnerships, romantic or otherwise. The illusion of what you desire is what you attempt to manifest. However, a relationship between two life forms involve at least two sets of intentions, and several different illusions.

Anything that manifests is connected to its source by threads of intention. This connection is unbreakable.

It is the intention that holds the manifestation together. As long as your manifestation exists, you are connected to it. If you no longer believe in, or ‘feed’ your manifestation, the pattern, the framework it is built on, will start to disintegrate or evolve to fit whatever energy is available, be it from the hidden or denied parts of you, or someone else’s threads of intention. Your manifestation will not survive as intended without your conscious energy input. Nor will it ever end if you are still feeding it. You are responsible for it, one way or another.

Our own manifestation in the physical world is centered in the pure intention of Source. Our souls are always connected, always being fed. Our spirits are indestructible because Divine Source is indestructible and the intention is unwavering. Our transient bodies are short manifestations that serve many intentions, but our core is unchanging. It is pure, unconditional love and we hold the power to use it. We can choose to become aware of our intentions. We can choose to manifest that which truly serves what is in our souls…our greater good.


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From the Heart of Darkness Comes the Light


From the heart of darkness comes the Light,

Glowing forms descending from the stars

Illuminating shadows of the night,

Awakening my soul in these still hours.


Their power emanates like shining wings

Or stretches out like branches of a tree.

From their celestial light a calm voice sings,

It soothes my soul and brings back harmony.


Are these the Angels from our ancient lore?

Or friendly spirits from the Summerlands?

What perfect love pours from their glowing core!

What healing light flows from their glowing hands!


From our myths and legends we have known them,

  Beings of the Light by different names.

They bring to us the Map of the Star Maiden,

The pattern that will take us home again.


These Beings of the Light are the Domeia.

The pattern is an energetic key.

A matrix of life force to reconnect us

Through a door to Source, our sanctuary.

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In Sacredness

What exactly does it mean when something is said to be sacred?

Sacredness is that which dwells within. It is not something to be created. Sacredness is. It is experienced in the awareness of divine nature. If you cannot see or feel the sacredness of a person, place, or thing, it is because you are distracted by fear and a sense of being lost. Sacredness is always there. It is the center.

Declaring something, some place or someone as sacred means you have become aware of divine light shining within it. You are experiencing the aliveness of the source energy emanating from that life-form. When you cast a circle, light candles, sprinkle holy water, burn incense, you are not making that thing sacred, you are honoring the sacredness of the life force already within it. You have rediscovered the holiness for yourself.

All places are alive with this divine energy, even places and objects that are associated with horrible atrocities. It is not the place or the object that is the source of so much suffering, it is the human fear, hatred or anger attached to it. Remember, the soul of a life-form is untouchable, indestructible, eternal, because it is Source Energy. It can become overlaid with patterns of intense harmful emotion that humans mingle in because they have fear in themselves.

It is these fear patterns that can be disintegrated to reveal the inherent sacredness that is there. I believe this is the task for humans to complete. We are the only ones who can do this because we are the ones who build on the fear patterns that shroud the divine nature of all things in the first place.

How do we do this? We focus on what we know to be true, that all that exists in and of the Earth carries a unique energy pattern from Source, our ultimate connecting point. This is the sacredness of it. Our focus on that fact will feed that pattern and our own. This makes the connection stronger and more visible to us.

Tradition vs Inspiration

The process of ritual in its many forms helps us to focus our awareness and intent of divine connection more efficiently. Here is where tradition can be helpful…or not. A traditional ritual that we connect to in a complete and soulful way can give us the confidence to aim our focus without getting distracted by interference patterns. However, if we believe that we must follow a traditional ritual because we were told to or because that’s what has always been done, and we aren’t completely engaged with its energy or intent, it will only distract us more from recognizing the sacred.

You can build a sacredness ritual for yourself. Create your own evolving tradition of holy awareness. I say evolving because as your awareness grows, so will your understanding of how energy flows in our world. As your focus sharpens, your needs will change. Acknowledge the sacredness of yourself by giving it the space to expand.

Building a Ritual

Start by defining all the words you will use for your ritual. Make them totally your definitions. If you can’t find known words to express your intent, make them up. These words are now spiritual tools.

Play around with the phrasing of your words. Include an identifying label for what you want to connect to until you feel a tug on your center that opens you up when you say the phrase out loud. For example, “Mighty (person, place, thing) before me! I feel your sacred power!” Your divine connection is revealed in this moment.

Now let the connection fill and inspire you to express yourself in the sacredness. This could be sitting or lying quietly in deep communion, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, writing poetry, painting, or a myriad of other activities. The sacred soul of the object of your focus will communicate its wisdom to your sacred soul through this process.

Express your desire to release unwanted, distracting interference patterns. Again, choose your words carefully so as not to re-engage with the energies you want to dispel. Gestures can be as efficient as words.

The interfering energy that was covering up the blessed core of your focus loses strength as your awareness deepens. What doesn’t get ‘fed’ will begin to disintegrate. You can recycle the energetic pieces from the disintegration of the fear, anger, or hatred patterns by directing them deep into one of the Earthly Elements, your allies, where they will be transformed back into potential energy. Your job is not to do the transforming, but to direct the energy to its new destination. For example, “Fragments of fear, into Holy Fire I send you, that you may be transformed!” Or, “Deep into the Blessed Earth I send this unwanted energy, that it may become the fertilizer for new growth!”

We humans have been searching to return to our sacred home since the beginning of the Human Era. When we do this energy work, we are revealing pieces of the map to lead us there. Soon we will discover that the map has brought us here, to where we have always been,

In Sacredness.

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Domeia Matrix Meditation

As a way to share some of the wisdom the Domeia have given me, I have put together a short meditation incorporating the essence of their many statements from years of contact.

To use this meditation, you don’t have to do anything special other than be in a comfortable position in a quiet environment. Take time with each line. Let the words soak into your heart, into the very center of your being. Read the lines slowly, savoring every word. As you use this meditation, your mind will start to remember the words and eventually you will not have to read them.

Whenever you feel off center, afraid, angry, sad, vulnerable, these words will come back to you, remembering, recharging and resetting your true self.

The Domeia Matrix Meditation

I am a unique pattern of energy. It is my true self.

My center is a spark of divine unconditional love from Source.

The thread of intention that connects my center to source is eternal and unbreakable.

I am the vehicle for this Divine Intention as I move forward through my life.

As I interact with others,

Our true selves respond to the shared unbroken bond with Source.

When we weave our connected paths in acceptance, tolerance and peace,

We open a portal to the infinite source of divine energy.

This energy accepts and nourishes our truths unconditionally.

The interference patterns disintegrate as the true patterns grow in strength.

I am whole.

To be the most effective, this meditation can be said or listened to while gazing at the center of the Domeia Matrix and imagining the whole pattern slowly spinning clockwise.

There are other articles on this site that explain more about the pattern itself and who the Domeia are.

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The Domeia; Beings of Light Energy from the Stars

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Why Save the Human race? Part II


“Human core energy patterns are a part of the Great Universal Matrix-the network of energetic threads of intention that holds our universe together. It is time for you to activate, to awaken your core patterns for the next stage of universal evolution. All of existence has been leading up to this. It is a slow process by human awareness, your understanding of things. It is all moving forward and it is time now.

Humans are in a hard shell of non-awareness. The shell is cracking because it is time to go from embryo to the next phase. The shattering pieces of the shell are sharp and painful. The light is blinding. There is a desire to return to the confines of the shell, to return to the oblivion. But that is impossible because the shell is shattering. The chick cannot return to the egg, the infant cannot return to the womb. We are here now, in this time, to help you to wake up, encouraging you as you finish this part of the transition.

The shattering of the shell; your boundaries of awareness and understanding is traumatic and confusing in the chaos of it. Like a young child waking from a deep sleep, crying and disoriented, you need reassurance that this new reality you are awakening to is safer than the deep dream you were in.

The crying out and thrashing about of present human actions are all a fear reaction to the shell cracking open. This takes a very long time by your standards. This birthing/hatching/evolving is an inherently dangerous process. Some life forms do not make it. As each of you accepts the light of the new reality, it is your responsibility to encourage each other during this time of great fear.

You can view the Earth as being an energy sphere on the greater framework of the universe. Energy from the Source at the center is being sent down the thread of intention to Her. As Earth is activated, She radiates energy outward through intentional awareness of the greater network. Each of you, as you wake up, as you hatch from your shell, is part of the greater activation/awakening of the Earth. This is happening now.

You had an awareness of your connection to the Divine Source as an embryo. This awareness had its own wisdom. Your shell got thicker as you developed your focus attuned to the limitations of your understanding; the boundaries of your shell. Then as the shell started to crack because you were outgrowing it, you were consumed with fear. You cry out, ‘I can’t feel my connection to Source! The old wisdom doesn’t seem to fit anymore! Who am I? Where are we? What happens next?’

The wisdom you are gaining as you emerge into the light of your new reality needs to be blended with the old wisdom of your past phase. This will give you the bigger picture and strengthen your awareness of connection to the Divine Source.”

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Why Should the Human Race Be Saved? Part I


I had been sharing with a very dear friend of mine how the Domeia Matrix energy pattern can save the human race from its self-destructive tendencies, when she asked me this question.

Her inquiry stunned me. It rolled around in the back of my mind for a couple of months. Then, one day, feeling completely knocked off center by hearing of the violent behavior of someone I once knew, I asked the question myself.

I meant it as a challenge to the Domeia. Why are they working with us? Why bother if this is the best we can do after so much evolution? Wouldn’t the Earth be better without us?

Here is their answer.

“Because you are not finished yet. Humans are an integral part of the energy pattern of Earth. You have a place just as the eagle and the flea. We (the Domeia) are conservationists. We are helping an endangered species, you. Humans are at a critical phase. You have been on the edge of self-extermination as you evolve, but we see hope. All of our efforts, yours and ours, are beginning to succeed. We have been helping you to remember. Your spiritual lessons are self-revelations. You are remembering the truth and are starting to be able to see even greater truths.

When you are in a state of unconditional love, the Matrix is the energy pattern that is working inside you.

You do not need to be in the safety of a sanctuary for your inner light to brightly shine. When your light is shining brightly, you are the sanctuary.

Expand your light as you breathe in. Your light is like a magnet that pulls in all that will nurture and sustain you.

Breathe out and release all that is unnecessary. The released energies will return to Source and be transformed back to potential.

As you continue to expand your light, that light connects to the light of others in a web of mutually beneficial energy that feeds all of life in Earth. We say in Earth because you live inside the energy field of Earth. You are part of the greater body of Earth.

Every thing is as it should be. Everything is in place. The work has begun. The old patterns of fear are beginning to shatter. This is what you are seeing and experiencing in the world. Continue to stay on task.”

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Taking a Stand

There is a post making its rounds in social media stating the true facts about the origin of Thanksgiving. I had a few different reactions to what I read in that post. It provoked deep introspection, which is a good thing.

When I was in college back in the late ‘60’s, I met a couple of very passionate Native American activists who enlightened me with the hidden history of the founding of this country. This was during the time of protest marches, and I wanted to do something about the shame and guilt I felt for being white. They didn’t want my help. This was an Indian thing, they said, and I was not one of them. They were angry young men, and rightfully so. But I felt helpless. And I was resigned to carry my guilt and focus on other things.

This post renewed my shame with its appalling details, some of which I had not known before. This strong sense of guilt was followed by a rationalization that, well, this is just another example of the dark side of human nature. There is not a person on this planet whose ancestors did not suffer atrocities at the hands of another. Those actions cannot be undone. We all share the suffering and we all share the guilt. While these statements are true, that doesn’t make it right. Haven’t we grown as human beings? Don’t we know better now? According to the daily news, apparently not. And I refuse to feel helpless anymore.

So here is my plan of action.

1)                  I am no longer acknowledging or promoting the erroneous legends behind Thanksgiving Day, but I am taking that day as an opportunity to formally celebrate the blessings in my life. I will focus on the present.

2)                 I am setting aside December 1st, which I am calling Dedication Day to formally acknowledge my hope and faith that the human race can truly evolve to a state of tolerance, acceptance, and compassion, and to acknowledge my dedication to that goal.

3)                 I am marking this day by doing three things:

a)      Apologizing to those I have disrespected, disregarded, and hurt in any way.

b)      Forgiving all who have done the same to me.

c)      Most importantly, being mindful and acting with compassion, acceptance, and kindness to others. Not some time in the future, but now.

So, today…

I am deeply and truly sorry for all those who suffered at the hands of my ancestors. I am also deeply and truly sorry for the pain I have caused others.

I forgive those who have imposed suffering on my bloodlines and on me.

I dedicate myself to moving forward with respectful thoughts and deeds. I will remember the truth of our shared past, not to continue the energy of harm, but to remind me of lessons learned. And I will strive to respond to truth in a constructive manner by speaking up and stepping up.


We can do this! We have it in us!  Would you like to do it with me?

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Purple Shadows

Through the realm of purple shadows,

Misty veils and shifting season,

Memory, myth and magic wonder

Lead me from all mundane reason.


Distant echoes call to me

From doorways webbed in darkened gloom,

And through the clouded dimness

I see the Weaver at her loom.


Her soulful eyes do beckon me

While rainbow threads weave tapestries

Of visions full of mystery,

Revealing possibilities.


And from her cloth there did appear

A child whose hands reached out to mine.

She whispered soft my secret name,

Declaring sweetly, “It is time.”


She merged with me and here I stand,

Past and Future intertwined.

The boundless Inner Light expands

Eternal Now outside of time.

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